Racial Identities in East Asia


This volume of collected essays shows how and why racial theories have been popular in China and Japan since the late nineteenth century and continue to affect the human rights of minority peoples in those countries to this day.

London: Hurst, Honolulu: Hawaii University Press, 1997


1 Introduction

Frank Dikötter

2 Racial Discourse in China: Permutations and Continuities

Frank Dikötter

3 Imagining Boundaries of Blood: Zhang Binglin and the Invention of the Han 'Race' in Modern China

Chow Kai-wing

4 Youtai: The Myth of the 'Jew' in Modern China

Zhou Xun

5 Myths of Descent, Racial Nationalism and Ethnic Minorities in the People's Republic of China

Barry Sautman

6 Discourses of Race and Nation in pre-1945 Japan

Michael Weiner

7 'Same Language - Same Race': The Dilemma of Kanbun in the Modern Japan

Kazuki Sato

8 The Ainu and the Discourse of 'Race'

Richard Siddle

9 Rethinking Race for Manchukuo: Self and Other in a Colonial Context

Louise Young

10 Anti-Semitism in Japan: Its History and Current Implications

David Goodman

11 The Discourse on Blood and Racial Identity on Contemporary in Japan

Yoshino Kosaku